October 14, 2017

About the Author

Dear Reader,

I cordially welcome you on this website and would like to use the chance to introduce myself: I am Niclas Erdmann from Germany, an active football referee myself and currently studying Business Psychology in the Masters of Science.

My heart is beating for football refereeing and psychology, and the combination of both well summarizes the content planned and motivation for this site.

Striving to offer you a place that not only sheds light on, the overlaps between the complex task of a football referee and psychological know-how, I hope it will make clear how you as a referee or referee enthusiast can make use of it.

Being a psychology student who has written his Bachelor thesis on the personality of more than 2000 football referees having participated in the study, I also volunteer as the Director of the Tournaments Abroad Referee Academy - an innovative project bringing referees together at summer tournaments with many educational (and also psychological) activities surrounding these events. Moreover, I am regularly holding speeches and lessons on psychological topics in referee groups and associations.

Science is there to serve the people, and my main goal is to build the bridge between theory and practice - this will also characterize PsychRef!



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